Who We Are

My name is Glenn Hickman, and we are the Fusco family from Naples. We are a family company that has a passion for great food!  We enjoy getting together with family and friends, to create good times and good memories. We are also a family company that wants to make a difference by helping others in their time of need.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Anne Frank

Our Story

Antoinette's Authentic Antipasto on a platter

Growing up in an Italian family you could count on one thing, lots of food on the holidays! And the one thing we looked forward to most was our family’s antipasto (which actually means „before the meal“). It was the first part of our dinner and it was the best part, too!

Then, one day, I thought to myself that there wasn’t anything that I had ever tasted before like it and that everybody else was missing out. So I set out only journey to bring it to market, so everyone and their families could enjoy it, too! So, buon appetito from our family to yours!

Our Family

The Fusco Grandparents

My grandmother and grandfather came over from Italy as small children. I never met my grandparents as they both passed from cancer before I was born.

Aunt Antoinette

My aunt Antoinette carried on the antipasto tradition. I can remember having it at family holidays as long as I can remember.

My aunt was a wonderful, beautiful person. She passed away in 2016. I am really lucky to have had my aunt and to still have my uncle Mel in my life!

The Fusco Home

This is the house where I grew up, on Fairview Avenue in South Orange, New Jersey. A lot of great memories happened there!

My grandparents (and most of the Fusco family) lived on Riggs Place in South Orange only a block away from Fairview.

Ann Marie Fusco

This is my amazing mother, Ann Marie Fusco (pictured at about 15 years old). My mother was a single mother. She was a real “Angel“.

My mother developed schizophrenia in her 40s, but never lost her incredible faith. Mental illness will be one of the charities we will be forever helping.

Antoinette’s Angel Foundation

We want to begin to form Antoinette’s Angel Foundation and together with your help we can start  the “footings” right away – creating a beacon of hope for those of us in time of need!

If you are wondering how I came up with this idea, well, that’s easy:

1. Helping others is something I have always been passionate about!
2. There are always people in need and I think if we can, we should help. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
3. I believe that many people want to help others, but aren’t always sure how or who they should give to.

We will help you feel good about where your donation is going and how it is helping others!

Our Mission is to bring our authentic, delicious, and healthy antipasto to market so that everyone can enjoy it. At the same time, using Antoinette’s Angel Foundation to continually bring help, compassion and hope to those in need. Together we will make the world a better place “for all”.

How does it work?

With every jar of Antoinette’s Antipasto, the Foundation will make a donation to the charity you preselect upon checkout. It’s that simple!

As a builder for over 30 years, I know what it is like to create a new home for a family, from the “footings” to the completion and how that home will last long into the future serving and protecting. Just like a sturdy home needs a solid foundation, we are building our Antoinette’s Angel Foundation with solid support in mind. We are working to build a network of supporters passionate about authentic antipasto and helping others. So go ahead –

1. Purchase a jar;
2. Select your charity of choice;
3. Enjoy your delicious antipasto;
4. Spread the word on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (add your social media pages here). Thank you!